Basic Info

On the northern part of Iloilo lies the Municipality of Ajuy, Province of Iloilo.  It is 92 kilometers from Iloilo City.  It extends from Piliwan, its southernmost sitio to Serruco River in the north.  Its jurisdiction is bounded in the south by Ajuy Bay, in the north by the town of Sara and in the west by the town of Barotac Viejo.

The present municipality of Ajuy started from a small settlement established by the early Malayan freedom-seekers on the north side of the Gubaton River near the present site of Barangay Lanjagan.  It was originally called "Asui" by the natives.  How the name "Ajuy" was later adopted could not exactly be ascertained because of the many versions related about it.

The most popular story, however, which was later accepted as credible, is the following:

One day, in the Old Spanish Times, a Spaniard who was assigned to list the names of coastal villages of this portion of Iloilo, came to this place.  He met a native who was gathering fuel.  Talking in Spanish which was accompanied by signs to make himself understood, the stranger asked for the name of the settlement.  The native, who could not understand Spanish, thinking that the Spaniard was asking what he was gathering answered, "Kahoy".  The Spaniard did not distinctly hear the word but instead noted down the word "Ajoy" which was later changed to Ajuy, the present official name of this town.