Economic Profile

The existing commercial area comprises approximately of 1.84 has. It occupies about 0.09% of the total urban area. The commercial zones in the municipality are situated in these areas:

1. The area bounded by Arones Street, Posadas Street, Marina Street and Real Street with an approximated area of four thousand two hundred fifty-four (4,254) sq.m.

2. A strip of land bounded by Arones Street, Real Street, San Nicolas Street and Diel street with an area of five thousand one hundred two (5,102) sq.m.

3. The area bounded by Balao Street, Villaret Street, Barrido Street and National Road in Barangay Culasi. The residents of Barangay Bay-ang, Luca, and Pedada rely on the municipality of Barotac Viejo for their needs while the residents of Barangay Pinay Espinosa, Pinantan Elizalde, and Pinantan Diel depend on the municipality of Sara being much nearest than the Poblacion.

Public Facilities

A. Public Market

The center of commerce and trade is concentrated in the public markets of Baramgays Poblacion and Culasi. bounded by four main roads which has an area of nine thousand three hundred fifty-six (9,356) sq.m. Aside from the Ajuy Public Market, the municipality also operates in barangay Culasi. The Culasi Public Market which has an area of two thousand five hundred three (2,503) sq.m.. Farm, marine and forest products from the barangays and neighboring municipalities are sold in Ajuy Public Market. While products from barangay Bay-ang, Luca, Pedada and the neighboring barangays of Barotac Viejo are sold at the Culasi Public Market.

1. Ajuy Public Market

Presently, the Ajuy Public Market is located right at the center of Poblacion. A new two-storey building has been constructed in the old site. Among the facilities constructed are: the twelve (12) commercial spaces on the first floor and twelve (12) spaces on the second floor, the existing wet and semi-wet section, and the dry section. Included in the wet section is the open fish section. The meat section with two (2) opposite stalls. The semi-wet section has four (4) separate open areas for fruits and vegetables. The dry section has several opposite stalls for dry goods, groceries, carenderias and an open space for clothing and other dry goods.

There is an existing water tank for consumption and rest room owned by the municipality with in the public market area. It has an elevation from the existing road sufficient to measure against flooding.

2. Culasi Public Market

Culasi Public Market has the following facilities: One (1) wet section for fish and seafood, three (3) separate spaces for fruits and vegetables, an open area for clothing and other dry goods. One (1) cooperative stores which sell variety of goods for marine and livestock. It has a separate market day than Poblacion.


The Ajuy Slaughterhouse is located 200 sq.m. going to Barangay Pantalan Nabaye. The existing structure is composed of a shed with concrete flooring and a tub for holding water. The municipality is currently looking for a place, which is a suitable area for relocation.

Other Establishments

Other commercial and trade establishments contribute to the local economy. These are the sari-sari and dry goods stores, agricultural supplies, general merchandisers, bakeries and groceries, recreational centers, beauty parlors and barbershops, computer games centers, welding shops, restaurants and eateries, drugstores, electronic repair shops, and rice retailers. The three (3) biggest number of establishments in Ajuy are sari-sari stores, fish section and vegetables section. Data shows that sari-sari stores registered the highest number at one hundred (100) in 1997 and one hundred eight (108) in 1998, These are followed by fish section at thirty-five (35) in 1997 and forty-five (45) in 1998. Vegetable Section numbered Eighteen (18) in 1997 and twenty-two (22) in 1998. Table shows the type and number of establishments in Ajuy from 1996 to 1998.

Infrastructure Support Facilities:

A. Terminal and Parking Space

Ajuy Public Market has sufficient parking areas and loading and unloading zones around its perimeters. We have no bus terminal yet, but the municipality has a new proposed commercial areas for this facility and other establishments.

B. Roads

Good roads provide easy access to Ajuy Public Market and other commercial areas in the Poblacion. Farm to market roads was properly maintained. While some of the barangays, roads are in poor condition.

Market Days

Sunday is the market day at the Ajuy Public Market, while Tuesday is the market day at the Culasi Public Market. During market day in Poblacion, San Nicolas and Arones Street are closed to accommodate traders from out of town.


Public market and slaughterhouse operations are under the office of the Municipal Mayor and the office of the Municipal Treasurer. Presently, it has six (6) personnel, one (1) Revenue Collection Clerk, and five (5) utility workers. These personnel are tasked with the maintenance of cleanliness, sanitation, and revenue collections of the municipal and secondary markets in the municipality.

Currently, there is no market supervisor, only the Revenue Collection Clerk heads the collection of cash tickets. Three (3) utility workers assist the revenue collection clerk during market days.

Growth of Commerce and Trade

Data from Municipal Treasurer’s Office showed that the total establishments in Ajuy numbered 282 in 1996 and 368 in 2000. Of these numbers, commercial establishments were the biggest, followed by service establishment of merchandises. Based on the number of business permits recorded in the Treasurer’s Office, there is an annual growth rate of 7.62% for commerce and trade in the municipality.

The presence of good infrastructure facilities as well as the availability of financial assistance and cooperation between the government and the private sector had encouraged the said growth.


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